Chapter 9: The Facts of Life

Chapter 9 is now finished and posted…Actually, it was finished and posted on Oct 26th, but I just realized I hadn’t announced that on here yet. SO HERE IT IS!!  I’m announcing it. Tongue out

I have two titles for chapter 9: “Living with Women” and “Blood and Women”, but I decided the former might be more useful later…

The point of chapter 9 is to introduce some relational aspects to the story.  Rome and Labriella have been on odd terms due to a couple incidents, namely Labriella’s initial parting with Rome, the near-rape scene, and Labriella’s servant mentality. As time passes, Rome’s true feelings start to come out more and more. His questions and revelations are as startling to him as they are to Labriella.  You see a little of Rome’s patience breaking in this chapter, due to a misunderstanding that couldn’t really have been helped. Many sexual references in the story are due to Rome not having had the “facts of life” explained to him–ever. Body of a man, instincts of a beast, and mentality of a child: a difficult mixture for anyone to sort out, let alone a socially-deprived male who has been suddenly made aware of the presence of women.

Chapter 10 will deal with Rome getting answers. Some interesting revelations, and some insight into how much Rome really doesn’t know. Adding in more “social” means more chapter complexity, but I promise I’ll proofread, post, and then edit the chapter, like chapters 8 and 9, so it won’t take so long to post. (Note: “Proofread” = grammar/spelling mistakes, “Edit” = technicalities)


I’m seriously considering paying someone to draw a couple pictures of my characters for me (I have a few ideas for content/poses). If you’re interested, please contact me. Thanks!

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