Maps Explained

doorsI realized I forgot to mark the doors on the map of the Servants’ Quarters that I posted. Sorry! It’s fixed now. Innocent

Going back over the maps of the Servants’ Quarters and Upstairs Hallway, I figured it would be helpful if explained a couple things. If you didn’t realize this already (from looking at the maps while reading the story), thick lines are walls, thinner lines coming out of the walls are doors (quarter-cirle lines show how far the door swings out when opened), and lighter grey patches within the walls are wall-doors. The little white circles are chamber pots, and the colored boxes (outlined in brown, with a white square on it) are beds. Most furniture are desks/vanities, chairs, nightstands, dressers, trunks/crates, and bookcases/shelving

Specific to the Servants’ Quarters: Brown ovals are washtubs; the ones for bathing are plain, and the ones for laundry have peach squares (washboards) on them. The black rectangle in the Wash Room is the stove to heat the water on. The different-colored blobs in the Supply Room just illustrate piles of random things (mostly cleaning equipment). The white lines crossing the Laundry Room are laundry lines. The yellow circle in the middle of the Great Room is the bell to wake the servants up. The black circles in the room off the Head Servant’s Room make up the set of chains hanging from the ceiling in the room where disobedient servants were punished (flogged, don’t get any weird ideas…). All the brown squares in the Store Room are crates (and some trunks).

Specific to Upstairs Hallway: The brown lines along the inside wall in each room is a fireplace (the same color as the rest of the furniture in the room; Rome’s fireplace is along the outside wall). Please note that the colored lines along the outside wall of each bedroom are drapes (notice their colors correspond to the color of the bed and the chair in the current room). The odd-looking red-and-brown shape along the outer wall of Rome’s Room is his windowseat. The flooring in the bathrooms is a different color because the floor is colored tile (the color being a lighter shade of the color of the bed/chair/drapes in the corresponding bedroom). The rounded white rectangles in the bathrooms are large bathtubs (Rome and his mom have bigger ones). Rome has a shower as well (big white square; not exactly like a modern-day shower, but we haven’t come to that yet…). The translucent rectangle (outlined in brown) in each bathroom is a tiled-topped counter. Brown rectangles in the closets and bathrooms are shelves. The red circle in the Office is a comfortable red armchair.

The Staircase drops off into the Entryway below (on the first floor).

Dark patches may or may not be made into hidden rooms in the future.

Noting wall-doors would be a good idea.  *COUGH*hint*COUGH*

Dungeon passages all have stairs leading down at the end of what you can see on the Upstairs Hallway map (don’t end there; you just can’t see/don’t know where they lead).

Rome’s Room, his Mother’s Room, the Master’s Office, and the Master’s Suite will all be touched on later in more detail. And, of course, so will the passages…

Hope that sheds a little more light! I thought most of the things on the map were pretty obvious in accordance with the story, but then again I’m the author, so everything makes sense to me. Tongue out


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