Chapter 2 Revision

I just finished revising chapter 2. I thought it would be all quick, right? Yeah right…like I do anything quick when it comes to editing… Undecided But anyway, other than a couple possible tweaks with Labriella’s childhood accent, I’m pretty much done with chapter 2. Which means after I do a review/edit/prolonging or whatever of chapter 3, I will be adding a new chapter. I kinda wish I could have just added a new chapter two weekends ago (which is what I was initially planning to do), but to do that, I have to restructure chapter 3. And if I’m going to restructure chapter 3, I might as well just go back and do those long-overdue revisions on the previous chapters.

So now that revisions on the prologue and chapters 1 and 2 are finally over with, a revamped chapter 3 and a new chapter (disguising itself as “Chapter 4”) are on their way. I’m sorry, this probably means you’ll have to go back and read chapters 1 and 2 so that you can read chapter 3 and the new chapters, and those of you on FictionPress might get a notification message telling you there’s a new “chapter 12” when the new chapter is actually chapter 4. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to come up with a way to avoid that, so my author notes will have to point you in the right direction once I post the new chapter.

Geesh, writing about kids in first person is HARD! …Yeah, remembering why I skipped writing a lot of the childhood in the first place. *goes straight for the romance* Gah, I’m so impatient! Yell I keep having to force myself to slow down! *already has battle scenes planned* *already has plots for the second and third books*

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