Chapter 2’s New Ending

So…thought I was done with chapter 2, didn’t ya.

…So did I.

But after I finally finished tweaking a whole bunch of little grammar and wording things here and there, I realized that I needed a better lead-in to the next chapter, since I was going to be filling in time gaps. So I took the opportunity to show a little more of the temple where Labriella lives (and consequently, a little more of what her life as a temple servant looks like), and ended up throwing in a little more Rome-Labriella connection there for good measure. I wanted to do something with shared dreams, but I wasn’t sure what…and that‘s what popped out. A little…unique, and maybe lacking time sequence, but fun to write.

Check it out, tell me what you think.


P.S. Chapters 1 and 2, currently entitled “The Girl” and “The Boy” respectively, will ultimately be combined into one Chapter 1 and titled “Forbidden Forest.” When exactly this will happen is directly related to when I finish revamping the present chapter 3 (which will become chapter 2), and adding a new Chapter 3.

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