Chapter 2 Has Begun

Oooootay! Long time no chapter, but I’m here to break that for ya! As of today, the former chapters 1 and 2 (“The Girl” and “The Boy”) are hereby combined into ONE chapter 1 entitled “Forbidden Forest.” I have now written enough of chapter 2 to be posted as a placeholder until I write the rest of the chapter. More difficult to write than I thought, because ALOT more background on Labriella and the temple is included. Not so listy as chapter 8 though, I assure you. Still, like I said, alot of background info.

Not sure what the title for chapter 2 will be yet, so I’m going for the oh-so-original “Chapter 2.” Tongue out

Chapter 3 (“Friends”) will remain unchanged until the new chapter 2 is complete. So for those of you who are new to the story, you should be able to read everything posted straight through without a problem, and it should all still make sense.


Okay! I’m off to write the rest of chapter 2! Doncha just love weekends? Wink

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