New Section of Chapter 2 is Finished

Chapter 2 is finished. I added some insight into Rome’s daily life in the forest, and then wrote a lead-in to weld together the first (new) part of Chapter 2 and the old chapter 3. I tried to orchestrate it carefully, but still feel like the transition is not as seamless as I want it to be.

Hopefully, I will finish some minor editing and have the full Chapter 2 up today. Please point out any seams or inconsistencies, and of course suggestions are welcome.

I was a bit shaky on whether to just trash almost the entire old Chapter 3 and reconstruct it from the basic concepts, but in the end I thought it might be best to leave it, so I tried to incorporate it into Chapter 2. I retained some of the choppiness of the chapter because I thought it better reflects the abruptness (and in some cases, inconsistency) of Rome’s new thoughts and emotions, better portraying some of his mental chaos. Let me know your opinion on whether that worked out or not.

Keep in mind that Chapter 3 will be COMPLETELY new. I am hoping that will not take as long as I fear it will. Feel free to suggest topics you wish to be addressed as pertaining to Rome and Bre, as I will be adding many more conversations between them to develop their relationship.

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