Updating My LiveJournal

I just finished adding my two maps of Rome’s mansion to my Scrapbook on my LiveJournal. Yay, one step closer!

I am officially picking Beauty and the Beast back up again. My summer college class is over, and I have a month before I’m back in school again, so I intend to make good use of my time. Hopefully during that time I will also be gradually shifting my story updates over to my LiveJournal blog—which should help you all avoid popups, as well as give you a better way to connect with me if you have any questions or suggestions.


Also, since Beauty and the Beast is indeed a trilogy, I believe I will be naming the first volume “Of Roses.” Following this pattern, the title of each of the three volumes will start with “Of…” and then the rest of the title shall follow. So far I’m going with “Of Roses” for the first volume, and maybe “Of the Ties that Bind Us” for the second one…but that is highly experimental and may be subject to change. I haven’t decided on even a tentative title for the third volume yet.

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