Writing Style Change

I realized after working on finishing chapter 2, and then jumping back to work on chapter 10, that my writing style has changed again. … Drat. This is a problem. I went from uber broad, to social-centered, and now to super detailed.

Given that the prologue isn’t supposed to fit style-wise with anything…except maybe some future “interludes” to give dramatic insight (foreshadowing) into some not-so-closely-followed characters. Or maybe ultimately I’ll just end up making the prologue read like the rest of the novel. I don’t know at this point.

But the problem I’m having that chapters 1 & 2 don’t read like 4 & 5, and 6 & 7 stand out above the rest like a monument–which is finally being overshadowed by the not-so-eventful chapter 10. And somewhere roundabout the scourge on my writing abilities/conscience that is chapter 8, my writing style tried to mutate once again. So I went back and added more detail to chapters 1 & 2…only to discover that my writing style has mutated AGAIN, and this time it’s so detail-oriented that I either have to scrap what I’ve rewritten and go back to the original, or revert the whole thing (all 10 chapters) to detail.

And, well, sorry to those of you that like a simple or easygoing read, but…I think detail is gonna win out on this one. The story just…READS better with the details; the emotion comes across more vividly. And really, the emotion is what this story is all about. If this story reads in monotone for you, you have every reason to call it trash. So at the risk of sensory overload (which is how my dad reacted when I read him the first couple lines of the dream sequence in chapters 1&2), I will be converting the story.

No worries. Basic plotline stays the same. No new plotline “events,” I think; just more social interactions (aka dialogues), and loads more description where there isn’t dialogue. …We’ll see about how much description ends up framing the dialogue.

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