New to WordPress

Hi there!

I’m new to WordPress, so I’ve spent the last two days adjusting to the layout.

For those of you who are following me from my other sites–either Angelfire or LiveJournal: I am shifting everything to this site. WordPress seems to be very popular right now, and it appears to be more user-friendly than Angelfire and more customizable than LiveJournal, so I thought I’d give it a go. Notice that I’ve transferred over my old posts from both Angelfire and LiveJournal. So there are 31 old posts on this page, but this is my first real post here on this site

For those of you who are newly following me from FictionPress or MediaMiner: Welcome to my homepage! This is where I will post chapter updates, sneak previews, maps, charts, and anything else that pertains to my stories that you might find useful. Currently the only writing project I am working on is my Beauty and the Beast trilogy, so everything on this site will be related to that in some way. I have included some of my older posts from previous websites, but plot summaries may not be entirely valid since a few years have passed since they were written. However, the basic scope of the series should remain the same.


Use the tabs across the top or the side panel on the right to explore my new site.

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