Alright you guys, I FINALLY posted chapter 17! My inspiration? A pastry…Which is weird, because I haven’t been around any pastries lately.

I admit, “pastry” is something of a play on words. In America, a pastry is a baked bready food, usually with a flakey crust, that is sold in bakeries and coffee shops, and is fancier and substantially more expensive than your run-of-the-mill doughnut (which is usually fried and frosted). In England, however, the aforementioned description would most likely apply to a pasty, which might contain meat, while a pastry would be closer to the definition of a slut (or so I was scolded about when I was in England). So while my chapter’s title, “Sins of a Not-So-Innocent Pastry,” directly pertains to a baked good, it also has some rather sexual connotations. Rather appropriate for the chapter, I believe.

The chapter has a pretty lengthy kiss scene in it, and I’m going to tell you right now that you should expect another one next chapter. There is also some foreshadowing, so pay attention to the insinuations of when the speaker changes to present tense, and pay attention to the internal deliberations (they’re not just to take up space).

Happy reading!

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