New Series Name

I love the title “Beauty and the Beast,” because it immediately creates a point of reference in my readers’ minds for comparing and contrasting. But I also realize my series is rapidly diverging from traditional Beauty and the Beast routes (if it ever truly followed them at all). And in light of where I’m headed with the series as a whole…I’ve decided to name the series The Beastking Chronicles. So as the first volume of this Beauty and the Beast series draws to a close, remember the name of the series, so that you will be able to track the next installment of the series. As of today, I will start changing all references to the series from “Beauty and the Beast” to “The Beastking Chronicles.”

I may in fact end up leaving “Beauty and the Beast” as the name for Volume I, since I am having trouble finding another name that I like; the first book of the series is always the hardest to name (or at least, it is in my experience; I had the same problem with the last series I wrote). For those of you reading my story via MediaMiner, this will not make any difference, as I never changed the title there from the original. But for those of you reading via FictionPress, this means that if you’ve bookmarked a page of my story, the bookmark may become invalid once I change the story name, so if you are not a member of FictionPress then you should probably bookmark my FictionPress profile page instead.

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