Chapter 18 Complete!

I finished writing chapter 18 last night! It’s even all typed up! I just have to read through to edit it after I get home from work, and then I’ll post it.

It’s not 12,000 words. I read back through some of my posted chapters, and realized they’re so long it feels like you can’t pause for breath! Or maybe that’s because I make the font really small… Anyway, I’m trying to make my chapters a bit shorter. That way i can get them out to you faster, and you don’t have to feel like you’ve just run a marathon by the end. They’re still never going to go back to 4,000 words, but I think I can deal with 7,000 to 9,000…maybe even down to 6,000+.

When I got toward the end of writing this chapter, I wrote a whole page and a half that I crossed out. That’s the weird thing about writing kiss scenes: Sometimes when I read back over what I wrote, I’m like, “Wow, that turned out pretty incredible! How did I manage that?” And other times, I’m like, “What the heck was I thinking? My fantasy life must be overactive…” In this chapter, the kiss scenes turned out okay, but afterward I felt like I was just floundering around…Ah well. I think I fixed it.

It’s hard not to jump ahead in Rome and Bre’s relationship, because I already know where I want it to go. But I want it to develop slowly–believably–because later on, once I start throwing other elements in, it’s going to get pretty crazy. At least for now it can seem somewhat normal; no one has completely wigged out…yet.

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