Chapter 19 Completed!

Ha!  \(^o^)/

I have finished writing chapter 19! And most of it is already typed! Which means soon (hopefully today) it will be posted under the title Unfinished Business.” I’m not cutting the chapter in half like I talked about doing.

I’m going to call chapters 20-21 Part IV. You probably don’t remember since it’s been so long, but at the beginning of volume 1, I divided chapters into “parts” to account for the time gaps. Part I was chapters 1-3 (childhood), Part II was chapter 4 (teenagedom), and Part III has been chapters 5-19 (early adulthood). Part IV will still be early adulthood, but it’s kind of…set apart–as in, it won’t pick up directly where the end of chapter 19 leaves off, and at this point I’m thinking chapter 20 will be entirely in Labriella’s perspective. Aaaaand you’ll see why.

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