Ice Bastard

I just posted chapter 20: “Not Quite Mine” as a shorter chapter. The last chapter, “Wedding Day,” will be shorter as well.

Part of the reason I did this is because of what I said before about “marathon chapters.” When I go through and do revisions, I might actually divide up what I’ve already written into shorter chapters–which would mean same word count, but double the number of chapters. It’s an easy fix for me. But since that would throw people off because they would get faulty “new chapter” notifications, I’m debating.

In Volume 2, I will definitely try to keep the chapters shorter–closer to 4,000 words maybe? A lot will be happening per chapter, so that will be important.

Anyway, I named the chapter “Not Quite Mine,” because it works on three different character fronts, but I really wanted to name the chapter “Ice Bastard.” So I named this post “Ice Bastard” instead. :-3

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