Limes & Lemons

Um. I think the epilogue is longer than chapter 20. (>_<) Evidently it is infinitely easier for me to write limes than anything else…except scenery. But I’m controlling my scenic urges. Because last time I didn’t, chapter 8 happened.

A little disclaimer about limes and lemons: I have a few pet peeves when it comes to reading them, which almost entirely have to do with the words chosen for specific body parts. A very generic one is the word “digits.” That may be another term for “fingers,” but every time I see the word “digits” my mind immediately pictures the computerized numbers on a digital alarm clock–NOT the most romantic thing ever. So when writing limes or lemons of my own, there are a plethora of words I could use, but there are certain words I abstain from because for me they are mood-killers (or because my characters shouldn’t know them).

Maybe that’s the difference to me between writing romance and writing porn: I’m actually trying to build ROMANCE, not just throw sex flowers into the air. *self discovery moment*

Why am I talking about this? Because there is a lime/lemon warning for both chapter 21 (“Wedding Gift“) and the epilogue (“To Belong to a Beast“). And boy, do I feel like I’m blurring the line between “lime” and “lemon.” What does that make it? A limon?

Anyway, I chose to write the epilogue before I started typing up chapter 21, just to make sure I didn’t lose my train of thought before it actually got done. (HATE it when that happens.) So now is typing time. It’s possible I’ll get done typing at least one chapter tonight, and be able to post it. Because both chapters are already completed, I’ll be posting them fairly close together.

Revisions start after. First thing to go is the prologue.

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