That’s right folks: It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Chapter 21: Wedding Gift has been posted, followed closely by the posting of the Epilogue: “X” Marks the Spot. Hentai title for the epilogue, I know. But the cliche is very relevant–works like a triple entendre. Both chapters have extended sexual foreplay, riding the line between lemon and lime, so consider yourself forewarned. Hopefully, for the sake of the MediaMiner rating, I stayed on the lime side.

Volume II will be very graphic. I will probably have to tone it down a bit on FictionPress, but I will get away with whatever I can. There will be intense sex and violence. See the “Series Info” tab on this site for rating and genre info. If you do not want to read volume II, that’s fine, but in that case don’t read the epilogue! It would be better for you to end with “Wedding Gift,” because it has a more solid ending, while the epilogue serves as a connecting chapter between volumes.

Volume I is complete. This frees me up to make revisions. I will be deleting the prologue, and attempting to shorten up the first three chapters. By “shorten up,” I mean that I would like the childhood chapters to function more as an introductory interlude than a hog-the-attention-and-divert-readers trio. Even if I don’t cut much from those chapters, I will definitely add a better transition into the beginning of chapter 1, because it is imperative after deleting the prologue.

After revisions, I will begin writing volume II. When that happens, you can find out 1 of 4 ways:

  1. I will post here in this section, saying revisions are complete.
  2. On the “Series Info” page, I will change the title of To Belong to a Beast to Belonging, and will change its status from “Being Revised” to “Completed.” I will also change the status of Power Play from “TBA” to “WIP.”
  3. On FictionPress, I will change the title of To Belong to a Beast to The BeastKing Chronicles Vol. I: Belonging, update the summary, and mark the story as “Complete.”
  4. I will update my FictionPress and MediaMiner profiles to reflect that I am now writing volume II.

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