Enter Volume 2: Chapter 1 is Complete!

Chapter 1 of volume II is now complete and halfway typed! Wow, that was fast! If you don’t think so, remember that I’ve been editing volume I at the same time.

At this point, I have just one or two chapters I want to check for boring narration. I started changing all the emphasized words from italics to underlines, but it just doesn’t look right to me–especially when there are several in a paragraph–so I might switch them back, I don’t know yet. Then I will call it quits on volume I. I’ll flip the title, update the summary, and voilĂ : completed volume I. With that done, I will begin posting Volume II. I doubt that will happen today, but in the next few days for sure; I’m ready to wash my hands of volume I!

Anyway, chapter 1 of volume II starts out normal enough–even has some foreshadowing. But when Rome and Labriella have an argument about where they stand after their wedding day escapades, the confrontation turns sexual. So there’s your first warning. It’s gonna shape up to be a crazy volume.

I feel like last volume was a lot of tug-of-war back-and-forth motion, and less actual plot. I have big plans for this volume, so I’m going to try harder to keep to a plot base. That doesn’t mean losing character depth (at least, it better not). And I’m certainly not going to throw out the sexual aspects, since I have some very specific useful ones in mind. But I may have to plan very carefully to fit everything into this volume. Pandora, nobility, the temple, Mistress Healer, my new character, parties, alliances, the beast’s manifestation, going into heat–we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. If I don’t want to sacrifice detail and psychology, I’m going to have to arrange them very carefully. I sense first-time storyboarding in my near future…

Welcome to Volume II, and enjoy the ride!

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