I finally finished revising volume 1! Yaaaaay! The title is changed, the summary is updated, and I’m ready to move on.

  • The title is now The BeastKing Chronicles Vol. I: Inhuman. I decided to name it “Inhuman” because I thought that title would have a bigger impact on my target audience than “Belonging” would. I suppose “Belonging” goes better with the Angst category, but “Inhuman” tells the Supernatural/Fantasy readers exactly what they’re getting into.
  • The summary is now written from Labriella’s perspective. I thought that was only appropriate, since her perspective opens and closes the volume. I couldn’t very well write two perspectives in one summary without adopting a second-person P.O.V.
  • I have not edited Volume 1 on MediaMiner at all. In fact, I might just leave the extended version there, especially if I am going to post a more explicit Volume 2 there. That way, I’ll just keep the “uncut” versions on MediaMiner. We’ll see how explicit Volume 2 gets, I guess.

I am changing the title of Volume 2 as well. It will be called Ignoble. Inhuman, ignoble…starting a trend. “Inhuman” reflects Rome’s conflict with his human vs. beast nature with regards to Labriella in the first volume. “Ignoble” reflects Rome’s conflict with his noble blood. I typed “Power Play” into FictionPress, and got waaaaaaaay too many results. Ridiculously overused title. So I’m going with “Ignoble.”

I will begin posting volume 2 shortly.

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