Delay on Chapter 2

Hey guys,

Since I’ve brought this story back from hiatus, I’ve been pretty routine about posting chapters. I’ve made it a goal to post a chapter per week, give or take a couple days. Sometimes I even managed to eek out more than one chapter a week, though that was almost always unplanned; some weeks I just have more time than others, or the ideas flow more freely.

Usually it only takes me a couple days to write the majority of a chapter (like 3,000 words in a day?), and then maybe a day to type it up, and I might sit on the chapter for a couple days so I can proofread with a new set of eyes (so I can actually see typos instead of just seeing what my brain expects to be there). Sometimes the process takes longer, if I’m not sure how to get where I’m going, or if I have some kinks to work out (no pun intended; kinky stuff is way easier to write).

This week, however, has been rather odd scheduling-wise, and I have not had much free time to sit down and write. In light of this, I wanted to give my readers a heads-up that I’m not sure that I’ll have a completed chapter posted by the end of this weekend. It’s not writer’s block, or anything like that. I just haven’t had the opportunity to put pen to paper in a non-distracting setting for more than an hour’s worth of time (which, in my case, is barely enough time to get in the right mindset). Seeing as I am just sitting down with my notebook right now, and am still tired after a nap, I don’t imagine tonight will yield many pages. It is my hope that tomorrow will be more productive. It is entirely possible that I could finish around Monday or Tuesday, based on past experiences. But since I haven’t started yet, and I already anticipate 3 rather sizable distractions coming up this weekend, I make no promises.

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