Volume 2 on MediaMiner

Volume 2 is now posted on MediaMiner as Power Play, an X-rated story. I decided to keep the title different, since I’m still toying with the idea of an uncensored version posted on MediaMiner. The uncensored version would allow for drabbles such as what I mentioned yesterday, which are fun but graphic excursions and may have little to do with furthering the actual plot.

As it stands now, only chapter 1 is posted on both FictionPress and MediaMiner, so the two versions of the story are the same. But I’m still debating whether or not to change that next chapter. I might add in that “pointless lime” to chapter 2 on MediaMiner, knowing that my X readers will be expecting that sort of thing.

MediaMiner can be rather frustrating though. Today when I went to upload chapter 1, the site logged me out twice, created my new story sans chapter 1, and then inexplicably underlined everything not emboldened in my first chapter. And that was after I had already specially formatted everything in my document and made it an RTF so it would actually upload. And of course, by the time I finally successfully uploaded the non-underlined chapter, I had edited so many times that the story appeared as “Updated” instead of “New.” Ugh. I really hope it won’t be this complicated every time I try to upload a new chapter. And too bad there’s no preview mode.

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