Alright, I FINALLY completed chapter 2 tonight. It’s not my favorite chapter ever. But it is necessary–or at least the end of it is. Anyway, it’s called “What A Noble Wants,” named for the first half of the chapter, but arguably carrying over as a theme at the end. Not posted yet, because I haven’t proofread. Tomorrow, maybe?

Writing this chapter was hard–kind of like dragging my feet through sludge. But sometimes the writing process is just like that, I guess; there are times when you just have to push through so you can get to the fun stuff. Here I felt like I was writing another connecting chapter. That, and I was trying to figure out how I am going to orchestrate the noble parties, because I am inherently lazy and want to create compromising circumstances without slowing down to do things like naming flat characters. Unfortunately, I can’t just refer to “that one man over there,” or be like, “And then Rome appeared in the middle of a crowd of nobles and had to deal with it.” …Well, I guess I could, but the plot bunnies would grow rabid. But don’t worry! Chapter 2 has served its purpose, and now I can drop Rome and Labriella into all kinds of fun situations. Such joy these new doors open up! ^_^

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