Trilogy? Quad?

Ever since I realized this story would be too long to fit in just one book, I have always envisioned it as a trilogy. But considering how long volume 1 was, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t plan on the main story spanning four volumes instead of three. That way both “Ignoble” and “Power Play” get to be titles, and I can keep the nobility and magic wars largely separate. But I don’t know how long the noble installment is going to take, what with sex playing a role and all. And at some point I’m going to need to cross over from nobles to creatures, so I’m wondering how early on to start that (earlier implying the need for a combined volume).

I’m trying to keep to the plot so I don’t have another “I need to cut my word count” crisis, but I guess I really need to go back to charting the story by the relationship rather than by plot. It is, after all, still more romance than fantasy, if I am honest with myself. And the last thing I want to do is throw volume 1’s character depth out the window. …Well, I guess the character depth is safe as long as I want to use the nobles; it’s just going to be messy. I keep trying to plan duels, but I really should just let them happen…or rather, just let Rome lose control. And I really should just let the sporadic sex and kidnappings happen. So…yeah, I think I’ll do that.

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