Chapter 3 in 1 Day!

There is good news and bad news.

Bad News: I haven’t proofread chapter 2, so it’s not posted yet.

Good News: I’ve finished chapter 3! The reason why I haven’t proofread chapter 2 is because I woke up this morning with a really good running start to my book, and jumped right on it…and wrote all day. I knew once I got into computer/editing mode it would be difficult to return to writing…so I just kept rolling with my train of thought instead, and finished another chapter in one day! Not sure yet whether to post these chapters at the same time…Probably not, since I still need to type up chapter 3. But posting in close proximity? Not sure yet. In other good news, I am more satisfied with events in chapter 3 than chapter 2. Yay for improvement!

Chapter 3 does not have lime though. Some flirty fun, some foreshadowing, but no lime. Sorry guys, I love citrus as much as the next person, but I had to get the noble ball rolling. New male character, feel free to drool.

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