Chapter 4 Posted

Chapter 4 is now posted on both FictionPress and MediaMiner as “Hourglass“! The chapter is running at probably about 6,800 words, and only one perspective change. Definite lime this chapter, as well as some hinting at the reintroduction of the temple into the plotline. Two minor characters from volume 1 are reintroduced as well–one of which you will likely only remember if A) you’ve been following the story for at least the last few months (since pre-revisions), or B) you’ve been reading the story on MediaMiner and remember the beginning of chapter 2 (vol. 1).

Usually I give little “sneak previews” and stuff, but at this point, I honestly don’t know what I’m going to be doing next chapter. I could start in on the nobles again–that’s the most likely option. Get the nobles swinging into full party mode. I’m not sure how gradually I want to do that yet. We’ll see.

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