Annoying as Hell

Good news, folks: I’m more than halfway through writing chapter 5! So far it’s pretty much picking up where chapter 3 left off. I guess that makes chapter 4 (Hourglass) something of an interlude–a spot of foreshadowing to make sure you know that Labriella is not actually out of the woods yet (pun) with the temple.

Chapter 5 is all about Rome and the nobles. More importantly, I finally get to introduce my favorite noble character to stir the pot a bit. >:) I assure you, whatever you expect, he’s not it; he’s unlike any character I’ve ever written. And he’s annoying as hell. 😛

Today I typed up what I’ve written so far of chapter 5, and I realized that I’m actually packing a lot of interactions into one chapter. So I’m wondering if where I could get away with 7,000 words in a chapter, maybe now I can’t. Because the storyline was moving more slowly before, and because I was so focused on the main characters’ psychology toward each other, it was easy to make one or two events span upwards of 6,000 words. Now, however, for those chapters where I’m more focused on furthering the plot than creating citrus, it feels like 7,000 is too much. Maybe that’s just me, because it’s harder for me to write plot progression than citrus. But I’ve noticed that my chapters are waaaaaay longer than most people’s on FictionPress. Does that bother you guys?

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