Surprise! Lime Wants to be a Chapter

I set out to add on to the end of chapter 5, and ended up writing chapter 6 instead. In my head it’s all on chapter, since I was just trying to tack a lime onto chapter 5. But I when I sought to end my lime, it turned into another lime, and I quickly realized that I was writing waaaay too much to fit it in the previous chapter. So the double lime is just going to have to stand alone. I might post both chapters at the same time, since they’re so chronologically close.

I’ve already named both chapters. Chapter 5 is “Useful Hindrance,” and chapter 6 is “Precious.” I’m a little concerned about Rome seeming OOC at the end of chapter 6, but that may be unfounded considering what happens in the course of the chapter. Because chapter 6 is lime-centered, it’s kind of like chapter 4 in being a break from the main plotline. But at least one thing from the past is cleared up.

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