Two Chapters Up!

Chapters 5 and 6 are now posted on both FictionPress and MediaMiner! Chapter 5 is entitled “Useful Hindrance,” and chapter 6 is called “Precious.” Chronologically speaking, the two chapters are as one, since the latter part of chapter 5 takes places in the course of the same day as chapter 6. Chapter 6 is the end-of-chapter lime to complement the shorter chapter 5–a rather extensive two-part lime, in which you and Rome learn about a little something that happened to Labriella. Turns out Labriella really knows how to keep her mouth shut when it comes down to it.

I’ve already received some pretty amazing reviews during the day after posting chapter 5. I hadn’t been getting many reviews, and not too many favorites or follows on volume 2, so I was starting to worry! But those who reviewed in the last day seemed rather flabbergasted that I don’t have more of a following. And I even got a recommendation that I publish! So, thank you; your encouragements mean a great deal to me.

Next chapter will be back to the nobles. I’m trying to work my way up to some specific scheming and some themed parties, as well as a season change to the fantastical equivalent of winter. I’m aiming for three seasons instead of four, so I’m still trying to figure out which order I want them in. I’m also trying to work my way into a lemon, if you haven’t noticed. Until certain events transpire, however, I’m making do with limes.

The lime in chapter 6 starts out somewhat non-consensual, but it’s more an issue of stubbornness than heartfelt opposition. The time for non-consensual will come later…and may or may not involve Rome. *foreshadowing*

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