3 Seasons

3 Seasons Flow Chart

3 Seasons Flow Chart

Alright, I know this map is a little archaic, but I finally figured out what I’m doing with the seasons! It means a little backtracking to edit out some of the insinuations about winter, but I am totally willing to go there, because I can ascribe a different season per volume!

Volume 1 → Planting Season {spring equivalent}
Volume 2 → Mating Season {summer equivalent}
Volume 3 → Frozen Season {winter equivalent}

I know Fall is not on the list. Sorry autumn-lovers, but I’m throwing it out. It’s simply not a romantically productive season. Planting season has to do with birth and rebirth (of both plants and animals), Mating season has to do with heat (both sexual and sunshine), and Frozen season has to do with cold (which necessitates hibernation, staying inside, being under the covers, and sharing body heat). If I put harvest at the end of Planting season, making Planting season literally all about plants (from planting seeds to harvesting crops), and make Mating season the red-hot time when all greenery dies out, that eliminates the need for Fall.

Only three seasons–another little way to remind you that this is a fantasy, and a thematic way to distinguish between volumes. The season doesn’t matter so much to volume 1. But in volumes 2-3…well, you’ll see the difference–psychologically, leading to action.

So…that puts us in Mating Season for volume 2. I seriously hope you can guess from that what is going to transpire.

Which means volume 3 will have battle scenes in the bitter cold. Awesome. Death all around.

(And no, I’m not saying that last bit to be morbid. >_< )

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