Email Notification Overload

For Those of You on Mediaminer:

I sincerely apologize for all the “chapter update” messages MediaMiner probably sent you today (the 19th). I imagine you’re quite irritated; I know I would be. I’m irritated, and I didn’t even get the messages.

Here’s what happened:

I updated each chapter of Ignoble with a typo-free copy of the same chapter. The only other change(s) made was in reference to the weather. Because I decided the season in the story should be transitioning into Summer and not Winter, I had to go back through the past chapters to edit any references to the coming winter or to the weather cooling down (with the exception of maybe a night breeze).

But after I uploaded my edited chapters, I noticed three things:

  1. Chapter 1 was entirely in bold font. This was the most irritating of all to fix, and probably the source of the majority of your notifications. It bugged the heck out of me, because I could not for the life of me figure out why MediaMiner was doing that to my formatting, and tried any number of corrections to get it to stop. I might not have cared so much, except that not only is it the first chapter of my story (and therefore representative of the whole to potential new readers), but chapter 1 is also the first place in the second volume where the beast inside Rome speaks in his mind (which needs to be visually set apart). I was on my last straw when I finally found it: A colon. That’s right, folks: A single colon underlined the entire chapter the first time I tried to upload it, and then emboldened the entire chapter when I tried to update it this time.
  2. I accidentally uploaded chapter 7 as the updated chapter 6. Whoops. (>_<) Thankfully I fixed it before anybody saw it.
  3. The digital coding for a paragraph break was showing up in the glossary of chapter 7. Weirdest formatting issue ever. My first try fixing it underlined the entire chapter, so finally I had to settle for adding an extra space. Talk about meticulous technicalities…

If you guys knew HALF the formatting tug-of-wars I have with MediaMiner, you would wonder why I even bother with the site at all. I have to remind myself of the reasons almost every time I upload a new chapter:

  1. I have readers there.
  2. There is no age or content limit under the “X” rating, so I don’t have to let FictionPress’s censorship rules limit me if/when the time comes.

And…yep, that’s all the reasons, folks. Not too many. But enough for me to come back around.

If you didn’t catch what I said, then yes, chapter 7 is now up on MediaMiner as “Hidden Message“…which might seem like a hidden message in and of itself, if you have to go on a scavenger hunt through the emailed notifications.

I would like to say this won’t happen again. But since the site does not appear to have been significantly updated since 2011, and I’m still seeing the same story stuck after my login page that I’ve seen every login for the past 9 years, I think I’d be lying to you.

As far as updates changing the genre of the story, however, that’s entirely my fault. I’m going to leave those alone for now, since I keep going back and forth over how much of what I’m actually going to put in this volume. This is my current thinking:

  • Romance: It’s the “Category,” so it should be inferred as the main genre without my having to use it as one of my precious allotted 5.
  • Fantasy: Duh. I created my own world, with it’s own caste system, magic rules, and creatures.
  • Occult: The temple is involved. The magical extent of their involvement remains to be seen.
  • Supernatural: Rome is obviously not entirely human. There is more “supernatural” at work here than you yet realize.
  • Hentai: Enough limes for you yet? Explicit enough for you yet? I still haven’t really lived up to the “X” rating in this respect. Don’t worry; I will soon.
  • Drama: It’s about the only genre that covers all the talking and scheming of the nobles, and the soap opera unfolding between Rome and Labriella. Eee, soap opera. Too cliché for my story. Gotta fix that.
  • Fanfiction Sequel: Type, not genre. Obviously this is an “Original Story,” so it’s not a fanfiction. I could label this story as a “Continuation,” but every story on the site is referred to under the “Fanfics” tab at the top of the site, and “Continuation” really is meant to refer to a fan’s continuation of an already-published work.

Please forgive me for bombarding your inbox with unnecessary notifications! You don’t have to forgive MediaMiner if you don’t want to…

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