Possible Posting Delay

Just a heads-up:

I will not be able to post any chapters this weekend. So if I’m posting something this week, it will be posted tomorrow night. If not, it will have to wait until next week.

Also, I just got a second job, so I may be a little slower to update in the future until I find the balance between job #1, job #2, and writing.

In the meantime,

I’m sitting on chapter 8, which I have written the majority of. It’s come down to a lemon debate. I’ve all but decided that a lemon cannot happen until chapter 9. First, a lot has happened in chapter 8 already, and although place-worthy, it should be a bit overwhelming to add in a third thing. Secondly, I don’t have the words to spare; if I start a lemon now, at the end of the chapter, my word count for the chapter is going to go through the roof.

This leaves me pondering how to end chapter 8. Something has to happen. But I’m not sure how far I want to take a lime if chapter 9 is going to be a lemon. I already know how I want to segue, but I need the lime to be small–maybe even just making out. *Sigh*

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