Chapter 6: Out of Order

FeedMeFantaaa is right: There is something off about chapter 6–namely, it’s out of place. I wondered if maybe I was jumping the gun with Rome (even though there wasn’t actual sex). But since nobody said anything, I thought maybe it was just me, and I decided to leave it there.

The truth is, chapter 6 is not really necessary between chapters 5 and 7. In fact, it might be smoother if I just went from nobles, right into more nobles. But I felt bad for not having a lime, and somehow my mini-lime grew into an entire chapter. Would you believe that I already trashed my first rendition of that lime/chapter because I believed it was moving too fast? So instead of rewriting, this time I’m just going to take it out. I don’t really need it there anyway; now that I’m two chapters down, I can say that it’s not really adding anything to the plot or romance progression. So maybe I’ll save it for later, and revise the context, or something.

I hoped to move the romance along a little bit (I feel like it’s lagging), but I see what FeedMeFantaaa was getting at in their review: The psychology is just not right for that after chapter 5. I’ve made Rome’s defenses too high, and now I have to re-invent how to take them down. Well, it might be a little easier after I finish the current chapter…

Okay, so this is what I’m going to do:

I’m going to try to tie up the end of chapter 8 (“Ironclad Love”) tonight. Once it’s typed up, I’ll delete chapter 6 (“Precious”) from FictionPress and upload “Ironclad Love”–which will be posted as chapter 7 after the deletion. This will make the current chapter 7 into chapter 6.

So this is what it looks like now:
Chapter 5: Useful Hindrance
Chapter 6: Precious
Chapter 7: Hidden Message

And here is what it will look like after:
Chapter 5: Useful Hindrance
Chapter 6: Hidden Message
Chapter 7: Ironclad Love {NEW CHAPTER}


2 responses to “Chapter 6: Out of Order

  1. Oh, yay, I’m glad it wasn’t just me. Thank you!

    The romance/story isn’t lagging per say, but I understand what you mean when you say that, because it seems like Rome’s thought process is going in circles regarding Bre. Not to rush it or anything because such things take time, even more so with a personality as complex as Rome’s, but he does need to make some progress. Figure it out or decide what he wants to do/what she means to him, if you can understand what I’m getting at. Though as I can see, you’re working on that. =)

    Hope to see the update soon!


    • The circles are intentional, but I’m hoping the circles are growing larger and larger (less similar incidents, with more distance in between) until the cycle breaks completely. It is, however, taking a substantial amount of time. :/ Hopefully the course of events in chapter 8 can help change that.

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