I’m Back!

Alright my lovely readers, I’m back! I just spent the last three days in the forest. I know that sounds all adventuresome and/or book reasearchy, but I assure you, my trip was probably nothing like what you’re imagining. But now it’s back to real life–back to work and responsibilities, costs of living and social attempts. Adjustment period. Bleh.

However, since I spent the travel portion of my trip on an airplane, I was able to get some writing done on my book on the way there. Shaping up to be a longer chapter, since I decided to change perspectives, but still haven’t figured out how to end it. *sigh* What I have figured out, is not to end this chapter with a lemon. Cliffhanger? Hm, what qualifies as a cliffhanger…? We’ll see.

~ ♥ ~

I just bought a new book about writing. Yay! It’s been a few years since I’ve done that. I’m excited! Now I just have to sit down and actually read it…

~ ♥ ~

Reviews! The two reviews I received in the last week for Volume 1 made me crack up laughing:

“I stayed up all night to finish this (sleep is for the weak).”


“Because of you I almost fell asleep in the car on the way to work and had to ask my boss three times to please repeat his question because you had me up all night.”

Lord knows how many times I’ve stayed up all night to finish a story! So glad my story could do the same–and that from the volume I intended as background! I could scarcely ask for a richer compliment.

Starsinger’s comment that Rome sometimes appears out-of-character concerns me. Rome is meant to be a complex, paradoxical character who is difficult to understand because he does not think or function in quite the same way as one would expect, due to extenuating circumstances. But I truly hope this does not come across as OOC. If/where it has, I wish to fix this.

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