New Chapter 7

Well, here I am again, up at some ungodly hour, working on my story.

Actually, to be more accurate, I’m not writing; I’m posting. Yaaaay posting. I’m sure you’re all fed up with my silence and beginning to wonder if I’m ever coming back. Well, I’m back–in a very tangible way.

I just posted the new chapter 7 on FictionPress, but I’m doing this a little differently than I first planned (no big surprise there). The chapter “Precious” is gone, shelved for later use after future revision pending certain events. “Hidden Message” has been moved up in its place, as the not-so-new chapter 6. The new chapter is not, however, called “Ironclad Love.” It is actually entitled “Not A Lie.” I have decided to split the chapter I’ve been working on into two, the latter half of which will be “Ironclad Love.” I will update the “Series Info” list accordingly.

The new chapter is shorter than the others, but that is because I feel like there is so much in it by way of charged emotional events, and event perspective changes.

Will chapter 8 turn out to be the lemon? Hmm maybe… I’m thinking not though; I need something leading up to that, and chapter 8 seems like it would make a great lead-in…

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