Curse of the Chapter 8’s

Uggh chapter 8. Are chapter 8s doomed to always be this annoying to write and edit?! Seriously! This has taken me FOREVER! I finally figured out I needed to reorganize some things. After the charged emotional events of chapter 7, the dialogue of chapter 8 felt choppy and flat. So I’ve been gradually implementing more of the telltale psychology I used in volume 1.

So I’ve been thinking………….No lemon in chapter 8.
Nuuuuuu don’t kill me! (DX) There will still be citrus content! I know you’re all waiting for a lemon. BUT (and huge “but”) I think I FINALLY know where I want to put the lemon, and trust me: if I put it there, it’ll be believable. So much is already happening between chapters 7 and 8 that inserting a lemon at the end of chapter 8 might be rather…traumatic. I mean, helloooo, bf is threatening to kill you and dripping other people’s blood all over you! Do you really want to bed him right now?! I mean yes, she could–he could force the issue–but it is not my mission to make you hate him! …More like make you drool enough to wish you were chained up, and then wonder why you’re drooling over someone who just killed a bunch of people. Yep. *nods*

For those of you MediaMiner peeps,

The new chapter “Not a Lie” is now up and available to you for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 The chapter “Precious” has been taken out, and “Hidden Message” has been moved up to the chapter 6 slot in its place. If you have not yet read “Hidden Message” because you didn’t know it came into existence due to the notification overload, please go read it BEFORE you try to read the newest chapter! Otherwise you will have no idea what they’re talking about, and no clue what is going on! That would be terrible! :O

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