Tug-of-War Chapter 8 Posted

Chapter 8 is now posted as “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not“! Looks like Ironclad has been pushed back to chapter 9–but it definitely will be in chapter 9, because I’ve already written it in!

Chapter 8 is very tug-of-war-ish, which doesn’t really get “resolved” until chapter 9. Rome starts getting forceful and taking liberties again, since he’s rediscovered his possessiveness. Labriella, on the other hand, wants him, but is beginning to realize that she has absolutely no idea what she’s getting into…and maybe that she’s past the point of no return. And the end of chapter 8 may make you start wondering what the heck you’re getting into (No, you’re not in a back-to-the-future novel.).

PLEASE please please make sure you’ve read chapter 7 before you read chapter 8!! These chapters are meant to blend together.

Just as fair warning, chapter 9 already has bondage in it. I don’t know how far I’ll take it, but so far we’ve got stripping, cuffs, and explicit lime. I’m thinking another lime, but not planning on a lemon yet; that’s being postponed.

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