Disclaimer About Plagiarizers

This entry is written in response to FeedMeFantaa‘s review following chapter 8.

I’m flattered to see that a good number of people who are brand new to FictionPress are adding my story as their first favorite. Since my story is so different–of such a different kind that I have such trouble placing it in a genre–and is arguably New Adult, it is amazingly encouraging to see such a response. In a book and movie phase where people are beginning to turn to sci-fi, and adults are reading teen novels, I was unsure a novel like mine would still have an audience. But there are always, I think, those people who can use a little magic in their lives, and embrace the supernatural in literature. And, perhaps, emotional relatability may span across all age groups and classifications.

I have noticed plagiarizers targeting primarily adventure stories with set plots. Since my story is neither, it is my hope that I may escape such predators by being a difficult target. I write how I think (and sometimes how I speak) in real life; it is not just a writing style, but a thinking style, which means it should be difficult to replicate. However, I do not think for a second that I am beyond their reach. Far too many of my own favorite authors have fallen prey to the wolves, to the detriment of FictionPress.

It is a sad day when a writer seeking constructive help from other writers is forced to go underground. But I have stated on my profile–and made it very clear on my website–that the moment I sniff plagiarism, my stories will vanish. Since I am courting the idea of publication, there is a good chance my stories will eventually come down anyway, so as far as I’m concerned, it would just speed up the process. But there is something about stealing my story that makes me angry–and I don’t usually get angry. If someone stole your firstborn child, wouldn’t you be zealous too? I play nicely, but I am the revengey type, and Rome did come out of me, so please just don’t try it. I have techy friends in high places.

This story WILL be written, whether people see it or not; it has been circling my head for the last seven years, and I have to write. It is the nature of the beast (so to speak). It would be a shame if nobody got to see the ending because some jerk couldn’t write fanfiction instead of stealing my work. And they would be an idiot, because I have a ridiculous amount of documentation, since the typed version is never the original. (You should see the train wreck that was chapter 8…) If you don’t believe me, ask the people staring curiously over my shoulder in three different airports last weekend.

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