Don’t Hide: Ironclad Love

What a nice holiday! Doing laundry, editing chapter 9…

That’s right, my dear readers: Chapter 9 is completed! I thought maybe I should hold on to it a little while–add some more on to the end of it maybe–but nah, here is just as good a place to stop as any. You can wait a little while for the bedroom wakeup scene from Labriella’s perspective… \(^_^)/

I debated a lot about what to call this chapter–especially about coming up with a title that reflected Labriella trying to hide herself from Rome’s eyes. However, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to leave the title as “Ironclad Love.” People are probably on the lookout for that title anyway.

There ARE bondage and nudity in this chapter! Please be aware of that! Again I am integrating revised portions of the “Precious” into the chapter. This means explicit material!

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