How do you guys feel about WAFF?

For those of you who have not yet learned your basic online story vocab/acronyms, W.A.F.F. stands for “warm and fluffy feeling.” It refers to the kind of romantic content that makes you say “Awww…” and want to cuddle. (Though, that description is probably in the eye of the beholder, because I am sure there are people in the world who feel WAFF is cheesy and/or makes them want to barf.)

That said, how do you–my readers–feel about having a little WAFF at this point in the story? Because I feel like the beginning of chapter 10 is shaping up to be that way. But that is not at all the kind of character feelings I’ve been writing up until now. There is, of course, always bound to be some seed of doubt lurking in a dark corner; that is simply how I write, because I feel that nagging doubt is true to life. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be some sporadic tender moments…does it? Maybe it does; I don’t know. Maybe it’s weird to have WAFF right after a bondage chapter (though I feel certain I could create an actual WAFF bondage chapter…hmm, interesting idea?). Or maybe WAFF in chapter 10 is just my way of unconsciously counterbalancing the lustful brutality of chapter 9.

What do you think? Would a little bit of wakey-wakey WAFF feel too out-of-place to you after the ending note of last chapter? Or is that just what Rome needs? *hint*

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