Styles: Old vs. New

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning:

I am very interested to know what you think of my story now, as opposed to when I first started. My writing style has changed several times in the last 6 years. I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing for me personally, but I am unsure whether the change was good for my story.

I am a very detail-oriented person. When I started writing Beauty and the Beast, it was largely a writing exercise for me–an attempt at abrupt, sudden writing rather than the immense detail that covers every aspect of my mind. My strength has always been the ability to put people directly into the place or circumstance I am describing, to see or hear or feel exactly what I or the character (depending upon the narrator/speaker) is feeling. But I have always erred on the side of detail–sometimes obsessively so. For instance, you may not care about every item in Rome’s house, or every hidden nook and cranny…but I want you to. While this makes it easy for me to tie things together, it also makes it easier for me to lose the plot (and other important aspects) within the overflow of details, making it difficult for me to see what needs to be fixed, added, or subtracted.

Beauty and the Beast–my original–was an exercise in concision. My mission was to keep to short sentences that packed a punch–a sometimes strenuous feat for a detailed person. My style was made even more choppy by the fact that I was writing backstory, so I practically skipped through it, because I was just setting it up and it wasn’t the real stuff that I wanted to be writing.

After I came back from hiatus to continue writing the story, I did not know how to return to that style of writing, nor did I particularly want to, but I was full of ideas and potential scenes. Since I had previously hit writer’s block at chapter 9 / 10, I decided to just go for it, and write freely, just to get my ideas down on paper. My new writing style was even more detailed and descriptive than it used to be. Thus the entire tone of my story changed. Noticing, I eventually went back to the older sections and tried to modify them to fit the new tone.

But then I hit the “ladies of the evening” arc–which was more like a “what if” situation than an actual plan–and I’ve been eying the tone skeptically ever since…..Except the Gian-wedding scene. That I am pleased with–although it was a toned-down adaptation from what I brainstormed.

The reason why I am displeased with Labriella becoming a lady of the evening, is because it destroys her temple girl image. I feel like it breaks her as a character. And that’s not where/how she should break. So I will be fixing that.

My question for you, my dear readers, is whether you liked my old writing style better than the new one. It’s completely different, know. I’ve been reading my original manuscript, and the two manuscripts don’t even read the same.

I think I am going to create a poll on my FictionPress profile so that you can tell me what you’d rather see done from here. You can also send me a private message, write me a review, or leave me a comment here stating your opinion. I will not be updating until I decide, because what I decide will determine what I do to update.

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