An Ignoble Plot, An Inhuman War

Alright, I’ve figured out what I’m doing.

I’m sure those words are music to your ears. What may not, however, be music to your ears, is what exactly it is I am going to do.

Not to produce confusion, but I’ve decided to switch the titles around again. This time I have a very good reason for doing so.

Volume 1 somehow came to revolve around Labriella. This is rather unhelpful to the series as a whole, seeing as it is called the Beastking chronicles, and Labriella is (obviously) not the beast-king. In addition, pitying Labriella is rather unhelpful (and possibly counter-productive) as well. Where “pity”? The poor girl gets kicked out, locked out, nearly raped, and enslaved more times than necessary. There will be plenty of time for these things later. But right now–in volume 1–making Rome and Labriella an inseparable team takes precedence. All this other stuff is so many words.

What I just realized (as in, like 3 minutes ago) is that the nobles really do need to be involved in volume 1. Icefox2flamingphoenix is right about moving the nobility to volume 1 making the rest of it look plotless…unless the nobility is the plot of both! Think about the current beginning of volume 1–the references to eye charts and Rome’s mysterious background. How easily I could tie that into the nobles who seem in the current volume 2 to be springing out of nowhere! Why have I not named volume ONE “Ignoble,” and made it all about how Rome is noble yet not? Isn’t “Inhuman” a more fitting title for when magical powers and creatures are on the forefront?

So that is what I am going to do. Volume 1 is going to be about tag-teaming and nobility. We’ll get to volume 2, all in good time.

In case you’re having trouble reading between the lines here (because I’m unintentionally being rather cryptic), I will be rewriting volume 1, but I will begin after chapter 10 (which is currently chapter 9).

Don’t get worried when I say “rewrite”! Remember what I did with “Precious”? I took out the whole chapter, but I reintegrated the content. Labriella is not going to be a lady of the evening in the rewrite–that will completely disappear–but the surrounding characters won’t.

Meanwhile, I’m taking my writer friend’s advice about getting back into novels, and finally got into a book: I’m rereading Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice. Oh my gosh, this book is freakin’ SPECTACULAR! And now, rereading it after failing to stick with another book(s), and after writing my own, I find I look up to this author more than I ever remember doing in my life–and I have read a lot of books and online stories, so that is saying something. Out of all the authors in my private library, he is also the one my writing appears most akin to, which makes his writing rather inspirational by way of what my writing could potentially be.

I think I had to get all that sexual tension out of my system. And I had to find out if I could actually write that kind of stuff. Now maybe I can tone it down enough to make sense of what is going on underneath. Sex does not, after all, have to be the goal in order to make an impact.


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