OOC Hunt


Well, I guess this is a good sign…

Progress. Slow and arduous progress. But progress nonetheless.

One of the things I’m already rooting out is anything that might be considered OOC. Strangely enough, this seems to start all the way back in “Answers.” Rome having a non-nightmarish dream is very OOC, to be sure. But the OOC giant there is that Rome willingly goes into town at all like a normal human being. Not really the kind of entrance to society you would expect of him–or at least, I hope you wouldn’t. Guy who climbs trees? …Yeah, not likely to use the ground if he can be higher up…like on a rooftop. And if telling Labriella to leave brought him to his knees after she came to visit, can he really kick her out so nonchalantly the second time? I think not. I sense a pre-romantic moment coming on–or at least emotional development.

In other news, I’m renaming chapters because I’m switching them around. Just a heads up. I won’t be switching them online as of yet, until I have the final sequence. That might be awhile, so I’ll leave everything that’s already posted alone until I have made enough revisions to say otherwise.

When I DO change things around, the titles of my stories will change. Half of the chapters in volume 1 will “mysteriously” disappear, and the story will no longer be marked “complete.” Do not be alarmed! After that point, volume 1 will be continuously updated. Some of the events will be the same, but not in the order you remember.

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