“Answers” Revisions

Ploughing slowly through revisions on volume 1 chapter 9-10, “Answers.” Hard to backtrack when my mind is already sees Rome and Labriella together. But the more I reread, the more I go, “Huh?! What was I thinking?” I mean, Labriella is defenseless, but calling her a child? I know I was trying to mark the distance between them and portray the impossibility in his mind, but even with his lifespan, that’s not really something Rome would say about her if he’s not trying to make her run away. And saying she should remain subservient to fit back into society? I know what I was doing there, but it’s unnecessary (and somewhat uncalled-for).

So easy to find things that need changing. So difficult to sit down and write an interjection. So painstaking. So unfortunate.

Would you believe I printed out all these pages, just to edit them? It killed my printer. T-T

I’m of a mind to just pick up where I left off with volume 2. I know that’s the easy way out…and not really a “way out.” But it would be SO much easier to write right now–and maybe I would actually be writing content instead of blogging my frustrations!

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