Doors over Trees: A less explosive encounter

I just redid chapter 1 of volume 2 today.

The original chapter 1 was rather explosively argumentative. Since Rome and Labriella haven’t had such an argument to date, it seems rather odd to start out volume 2 with one, don’t you agree? And since when is Labriella the one doing the walking away?

So I switched it up a bit. The first half (about the first invitation) remains the same, but the makeout session does not take place in the forest and does not involve removing clothing. All the fundamentals are the same, except there’s a door involved rather than a tree, and the dynamic of the argument is toned down a bit, as per Labriella’s training.

Does that mean I’m not going to combine the current volumes 1 & 2? ….Maaaaybe. I’m thinking about it. Because the one person who voted said they would rather I keep both of the originals (with the “ladies of the evening” section still intact).

So GO VOTE!!!!

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