New Outline of Chapters

I came up with an outline of events a couple days ago. Now I just finished an outline of chapters. Basically it’s a more specific road map of which chapters to cut and paste from the originals and where. One step closer! After this is the actual rearranging. From there, I’ll fill in holes so that each section flows smoothly into the next.

This is actually starting to look like it won’t be so dramatic a change–not for me, at least. I may very well still hit a road block when I try to pick up where I left off writing. But at least now I know where I’m going.

Not so citrusy so far, guys; sorry, for those of you who want that. After I pick up writing again, that’s where it will really start. I’m calling it Labriella’s “Belle debut,” after the famous Disney Beauty and the Beast scene where Belle enters the ballroom in her yellow gown on the arm of the beast. My own version will be quite a bit more risque, and with quite the “ballroom” crowd. Just wait ’til you see that “gown”…Rome, at least, will be speechless! I doubt he’ll want to take his eyes off her…or his claws. ;D  It’ll be the kick-start he needs to get in the mating game/mindset.

You may have noticed I have been reorganizing the “Series Info” section on this site, making way for info on the new rendition. Since so far in my outline I have pared down 30 chapters to 17, you may want to keep an eye on that section so you’ll understand what I’m doing when I start re-posting.

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