Chapter 7 Rewrite

I got to a little over 3500 words yesterday, and I just finished typing it up. It’s a good breaking point, and I’m trying to keep chapters shorter, so I think I’m going to call it a chapter. It’s chapter 7…er, a new chapter 7. And for lack of a better name, I’m going to call it “Day 1” (rather uncreative, I know). It’s more house exploration than cleaning (hopefully). I think you’ll get a better sense of the age of the house, and how it’s changed since Rome lived in it as a child. From here, it should be easier to build Rome and Labriella’s relationship.

The rewrite of chapter 7 is not posted yet, only completed.

I have decided to separate out the chapter “Blood and Women” into two parts, since it’s so long. If I cut some things out, that might not be necessary, but I’d like to show you the house without you getting bored, so…yeah, improvising.

Also, I know I’ve flipped back and forth about the season change, namely whether to transition into summer or winter. At first I chose winter (Freezing Season), because I liked the idea of trekking to winter parties through the snow. Then I switched to summer (Mating Season), because I was writing a lot of sexually charged scenes, and it seemed like the perfect culmination–plus that would put battle scenes in the winter, which can be an appropriately harsh season. But now that I’m rewriting the story, I’m back to Freezing Season being the best bet, because A) there’s nothing like cold weather to draw two people under the blankets, B) I don’t have to ditch Rome and Gian’s business connection, and C) summer/Mating Season would make an interesting battle season (especially since winter has been somewhat overplayed as a season of death and cruelty; nobody thinks about how everything dries out in summer and people go heat-crazy).

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