Surprise Responses: Likes & Dislikes

It’s interesting how things I think will be tumultuous, actually end up being…good.

For instance, I thought people might be upset over my revisions (though, admittedly, I haven’t gotten to the major one yet–almost there). And I thought people would be glad for shorter chapters. (Mean, toward the middle of the story, I hit 12,000 words the first time around, for several chapters in a row! Yikes!) And starting off with multiple long childhood chapters? That was another thing I was told was a no-no.

But one person told me they are glad for the childhood chapters, two people have told me that they didn’t think the story could get better but it did (in the revisions), and three people have told me they like and want the longer chapters. Wow! Not what I was expecting! But I’m really, really glad for it. 🙂

But there is one more thing I’m hearing from more than one person, and that is a dislike of the name change. I’ve had two people tell me they like the “Rome” spelling better. Maybe that’s because it’s less like the nobility in the story (who are rather capricious and corrupt), and more familiar in terms of real life (carrying certain connotations)? I don’t know.

Honestly, when I’m writing “Rohm,” it comes out as almost a different persona than when I’m writing “Rome.” Rohm is everything I like to read about in a character, but Rome is somehow more…my character. Writing Rome feels like writing passion and fire, like an untamable being come to life (to the point where I had trouble controlling him sometimes), while Rohm feels so…contained, out of necessity. I’m not sure if this split persona is a good thing or a bad thing, because I did mean Rome as a complex character (so this could be part of it) but I don’t want to dumb him down either.

Maybe none of that makes sense to anyone else. So let’s just say I had some reservations about the name change before I did it, so if more people tell me they liked the old spelling better, I might change it back.

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