Redrawing Maps in Your Imagination

Well, I think I’m just about finished with the new material I’m adding to chapter 8. Now I need to piece together a couple of the older parts to the end, and the chapter will be complete. That might take me a couple days. But it feels good to have the majority of it typed up and patchworked together.

Chapter 8 doesn’t look much like the previous chapter 8. I’m stretching out the house chapters and interspersing them with emotional interludes to break up the monotony and build character at the same time. Hopefully this is laying the foundations for the rebuilding of the relationship. The more I lay these foundations, the more I recognize that I didn’t have to create all those scenarios where Rome and Labriella run away from each other in order to create distance to overcome; their initial parting put enough distance there that reparations could span an entire novel. Nobles are on the menu, so I don’t want the reparations to be novel-length (in case you got a little worried there), but…well, “spoilers.”

I started to redo the floor plans of the upstairs and the servants’ quarters to correspond with my revisions to the story, but now I’m thinking that maybe I should ditch the mansion maps altogether. I love creating stuff like that, and visuals are always nice, but the specifics of the layout are not real necessary to understanding the story at this point. And honestly, I believe that a good enough writer doesn’t need maps to illustrate where things are and what they look like (which makes maps only really necessary in an 800-page fantasy adventure novel, over which span you’re likely to have a hard time keeping track of all the realms involved). So I’m going to give you furniture placement, and general proximity of the rooms to one another, and let your imagination do the rest. I will, however, continue to detail about furniture, clothing, characters’ physical features–those sorts of things.


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