Chapter 9: Unexpectedly Speedy Progress

Wow. I think I just finished chapter 9, and figured out a good chunk of chapter 10.

Chapter 8, if you haven’t noticed, had been edited since I first posted it. I asked for feedback about emotional developments and out-of-character moments. Ney13 let me know that Rome was being too “sweet” for his character–which was very helpful, so thank you again. đŸ™‚ The lovey-dovey cry-on-you scene has been cut, though I think I have at least one more reference to that later on in the chapter that I need to go back and delete.

Chapter 9 is…well, long–or at least, substantially longer than the last couple chapters, based on my estimations from what I’ve handwritten. A little seasonal info, a brief prequel to Rome’s nightmares, some more clothing for Rome, a little yard work…and a few things I’m pointedly not mentioning here. When I write a longer chapter, I’m always concerned I’m packing too many things into one chapter. But since we’re finally getting into the fun stuff, it’s about time we picked up the action and the pace, eh?

Looks like chapter 10 is still going to be the time Rome first sets foot in town, though maybe not for all the same reasons you expect.

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