Death to All Dividers

Just finished typing up chapter 9. Lots of arguments with Microsoft Word–particularly in the way of unwanted undeletable dividers multiplying themselves without my permission. (I don’t think Word likes having over 200-page documents, or cutting and pasting large selections of text repeatedly.)

The new chapter 9–all but completed within a day, and quite the patchwork of old chapters, revisions, and new material. Since the chapters are multiplying, and events are no longer running parallel to the content of the original chapters, I will go ahead and tip you off that the hand-licking stuff is in this chapter. If you’re new to the story and haven’t read that far, you’re probably like, “What the heck…?” But if you’ve already read the original version of the story, you probably know what I’m talking about. I could add another event to the chapter, but nah, I think this is a good point to wrap it up.

Next chapter will start off with the period scene (another scene that you either know or you don’t), and then transition from there into the town.

I feel like last time around I just kinda dropped the village on top of Rome (and on top of you). Suddenly Rome decides going into the village is a good idea? …Meh. I’m trying to ease him into it this time–ease you into it. Changes don’t happen overnight, much as I want them to. Blah.

Wow, what’s with the side effects? Must be really tired. Hmm, 3:40am…no wonder. Well, the chapter’s typed up. Guess I can try and sleep now. Oh joy. :-/

Why does sleep always sound so much better when you’re waking up than when you should go to bed?

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