New Chapter 9 Posted

Chapter 9 is now posted, and entitled “Licks of Power“–a play on words pertaining to the literary visual of “tongues” of fire “licking” up wood or “licking” up the sides of a pot or pan. I figure it’s best to broach the subject of Rome’s “magic” power now, since it will play such a crucial role.

Looks like chapter 10 is shaping up to be a long one. Didn’t mean for it to be that way, but I guess it’s inevitable, considering what I’m smooshing into one chapter: the second half of the old “Blood and Women” chapter, plus Rome’s first official trip into the village. I’m restructuring the trip a bit, so instead of wandering about aimlessly and looking for advice on women, Rome is trying to get out of the house (away from Labriella’s menstrual cycle) and continue his village surveillance (on his mission to send Labriella away permanently)–two birds with one stone. I see little reason to postpone Rome’s meeting the ladies of the evening, so I might just bring it all out now and cut back on Lu’s lines about currency and trade.

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